European Muslim Leaders meet with the Council of Europe President and with the European Jewish Leaders

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BRUSSELS – Imam Yahya Pallavicini gave a speech on behalf of the European Muslim Leaders during the meeting with the Council of Europe President Van Rompuy and with the European Jewish Leaders where he urged everyone to further work on interfaith harmony activities.

The event, Lunch with the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, was held on December 6 and featured dozens of leaders from both the Muslim and Jewish communities. Imam Yahya Pallavicini’s ended his talk with a mentioning of the World Interfaith Harmony Week:

“Recently, the United Nations has approved a resolution for a World Interfaith Harmony Week in February, when representatives of all religious communities should try to develop events together with other believers as an inspirational moment of concrete and qualified cohesion. We believe that the harmony we are witnessing today with our Jewish brothers and sisters, thanks to your kind invitation, President Van Rompuy, needs to be strongly supported in order to help the blessings of spirituality and the sacred wisdom of religions be recognised and respected in their noble contributions to the development of the European society. Thank you. Salam, Shalom”

Read his entire speech here.