1. WIHW 2012 - Summary
  2. WIHW 2011 - Summary

The First UN World Interfaith Harmony Week was celebrated in the first week of February 2011. This document summarises the key events leading up to the UN resolution as well as documenting some Letters of Support and Events held in honour of the week. Click here to download.

Speech Transcripts

  1. A Common Word in Deed (1 Nov. 2010) by HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal – 1 November 2010


  • A Catholic Approach to Islamophobia by Fr. Carl Chudy, SX, Xaverian Missionaries, USA (2018, pdf - 733KB)
    The urgency to change and transform our divisions and rancor with bridges of dialogue and understanding wells up from within many of us who call ourselves Christians. It has dramatically shaped how we understand our purpose and how we share this faith with the world around us as it is, resounded in the words of Pope Francis, “to leave this earth better than we found it.” This essay is an opportunity to reflect more seriously on the national phenomenon of Islamophobia and our response as a Roman Catholic Church, together with our ecumenical and interfaith partners. The experience of Islamophobia brings us to the tools of social analysis and theological reflection that illicit new responses, and the insights they offer as we all reach toward change and transformation.
  • Keeping the faith through interfaith dialogue by Rev. David Gray 16 October 2007 [English] [Arabic]
  • The Necessity for Dialogue by Salih Yucel
  •  Why Interfaith Dialogue? by Abdul Malik Mujahid
  • Smearcasting: How Islamophobes spread fear, bigotry and misinformation by FAIR

Smearcasting documents the public writings and appearances of Islamophobic activists and pundits who intentionally and regularly spread fear, bigotry and misinformation in the media. Offering a fresh look at Islamophobia and its perpetrators in today's media, it also provides four snapshots, or case studies, describing how Islamophobes manipulate media in order to paint Muslims with a broad, hateful brush.


  1. Dealing with Islamophobia By Rev. Deborah C. Lindsay
  2. 20,000 Dialogues: How To By 20,000 Dialogues

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