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Below is the list of WIHW reports that were submitted for the year of 2019.

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1. Macau Interfaith Network, prayer breakfast
Country: China
Event date: 2019-02-01
End date: 2019-02-01
2. Yoga in the Dome
Country: United States
Event date: 2019-02-06
End date: 2019-02-06

Candlelight Yoga in the Dome is BACK in Spring 2019! Don't miss the opportunity to fill the Dome with candlelight, serenity and good vibes. All are welcome to this free...

3. Scarf Collection for Pearls of...
Country: United States
Event date: 2019-01-19
End date: 2019-02-03

For World Interfaith Harmony Week and because of the common bond I share with young Muslim women regarding modesty and virtue, I’m collecting scarves to bring to the Pearls of...

4. Firenze Comunità In Cammino –...
Country: Italy
Event date: 2019-02-03
End date: 2019-02-03

"Florence Communities Walking Together - to meet, to know and to welcome each other" is an event promoted by the Municipality of Florence together with many different religious, faith, and...

5. General Medication provided to all...
Country: Pakistan
Event date: 2019-02-01
End date: 2019-02-07

Organized Free medical camping under the supervision of WIHW from King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan: 1 - Blood tests 2 - Blood Grouping 3- Diabetic tests 4- Blood...

6. Role of Media to Promote...
Country: Nepal
Event date: 2019-01-30
End date:

7. Interfaith Dialogue on Current Issues
Country: Nepal
Event date: 2019-02-08
End date: 2019-02-08

The National Coordinator of Dharmik Chautari Nepal, Mr. BP Khanal took the initiative and invited the religious leaders on a roundtable interfaith dialogue. All together 17 prominent leaders from Hindu,...

8. Muslim woman takes interfaith harmony...
Country: Nigeria
Event date: 2019-02-02
End date: 2019-02-02

As part of this year international inter-faith week and Harmony celebration, A Muslim woman Hajiya Ramatu has Visited southern kaduna church “The church of Christ evangelical and Life intervention ministry...

9. ???? ??? ??????? ????????????? ????...
Country: Nepal
Event date: 2019-01-25
End date: 2019-01-25

January 25, 2019 by Chautari Post Online ???????/?????/ ???? ??? ??????? ??????????? ??????? ????? ?????????? ????????? ??? ????? ? ?????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ?-????? ?????????? ?????? ??? ? ??????? ??????...

10. Solidarity Peace Prayer
Country: Philippines
Event date: 2019-02-02
End date: 2019-02-02

In celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, we offer a solidarity peace prayer for the victims of Sulu bombing and Zamboanga City blast. This event was initiated by the...

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