How to Participate

Although the World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) has been promoted by some of the world's most influential people its goal has been to be a completely decentralized initiative.

For it to succeed we need you to work at the grassroots level, organizing and promoting events. We must move beyond mere words of tolerance and acceptance. We must work towards harmony.

We understand that many of you may have not organized interfaith events before. Rest assured it's pretty easy to do.

Plan Your Event (must be held between January 27 – March 3, 2024)

If this is your first WIHW then all we ask is that you gather with fellow lovers of harmony nearby and plan just one simple event. Don't worry about making a big splash this year; a simple breakfast or bazaar is a great first step. You'll have an entire year to make the next one a huge event.

We always receive questions about what kind of events people should organize. It can be intimidating for some to organize their first interfaith event.

  1. Harmony Breakfasts: People all over the world are organizing such breakfasts. The great thing is that they don't take much effort to put together: they just require fresh food, seating, open minds and empty stomachs. Nothing starts a day off better than eating a wholesome breakfast with kind-hearted spirits.
  2. Watch a Movie: Inviting people to watch a movie can lead to great discussions afterwards which can lead to better understanding of different faiths. Unity Production Foundation has developed some great guides on how to get the most out of watching a movie.
  3. Bazaar/Fair: Every community has within it creative and entrepreneurial souls who love to gather with like-minded individuals. Why not set up a World Bazaar where you can buy products and try food from all over the world. Organize one during a weeknight or as a weekend fair.
  4. Community Interfaith Declaration: Sometimes the best way to make a clear statement is by simply making a clear statement. Gather with leaders of different religious congregations in your locality and issue a declaration supporting interfaith harmony. We may have different theological beliefs but we can unite around the main principles that the World Interfaith Harmony Week was established on. When you are done don't forget to have each leader submit a letter of support with the declaration.
  5. Greening Sacred Spaces: Environmental issues like global warming affect us all and we can all come together to work towards solutions. Gather with other religious communities in your area and share your resources to help green all places of worship in your local community. You can find out more by visiting the Greening Sacred Spaces website.
  6. Joint Community Work: A t the end of the day, faith should lead one to do good to others. As the saying goes: ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ What better way is there to show the positive force of faith than by joining together to do good to one's neighbors? Gather and do such activities such as:
    • a community cleanup of a river or park
    • feeding the homeless
    • blood-donation drives
    • health fairs
    • plant a community garden
    • fix a run-down playground
    • paint and spruce up community centers
    • paint an interfaith mural.

The ideas are endless but please do set aside one day for community charity work! Please also view our resources page for more. Also don't forget to visit us on Facebook.

Now that you have some ideas all you have to do is pick up your phone and start calling others and get the ball rolling. You'll be surprised at how quickly things will come together once you get it started.

Register Your Event

The only thing you have to do now to qualify for the grand prize is register your event to our website. You will need to sign up to create events. You can then access your events from the My WIHW menu. You don't need to have all details confirmed before doing so. You can just post the estimated date and timing of your event and log in to edit details as they become available.

The main thing now is to register your event and get the buzz going that will help you win the prize.

Hold Your Event

While you are holding your event, it is important to document. Please feel free to use all media at your disposal. We ask that you include:

  • An event report describing the event and its impact
  • Media links to reports, videos, pictures, and audio
  • Links to event website and social media 
  • Any other supporting documents (e.g. testimonies)

Feel free to look through past events to see what was submitted. Everyone who has registered an event can submit their report through the My WIHW page.

Submit Your Event Report (all event reports need to be submitted by March 10, 2024)

All reports can be uploaded through the My WIHW page, soon after the event submission page opens. Notifications of awards will be made in late March. Time and location of the prize-giving ceremony to be announced (flights and accommodation will be provided).