King highlights importance of maximising common denominators among different religions

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Jordan Times

AMMAN (Petra) – His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday underlined Jordan’s commitment to enhancing the values of tolerance, love, coexistence and fraternity among Muslims and Christians.

During a meeting with representatives of Christian denominations on the occasion of Christmas and the Gregorian New Year, the King also highlighted the importance of maximising the common denominators among followers of the three religions for the benefit and well-being of society.

His Majesty noted that Jordan is considered a model in embracing these values, commending the efforts exerted by followers of different Christian congregations in the Kingdom’s development process.

The Monarch also highlighted that the World Interfaith Week initiative is part of Jordan’s efforts to build bridges of communications and remove misconceptions among followers of different religions.

The interfaith week, proposed by His Majesty and adopted by the UN General Assembly in October, will be held during the first week of February every year to spread the message of interfaith harmony among followers of the three faiths.

King Abdullah also underlined the important role that places of worship can play in guiding young people to be good citizens keen on the development and prosperity of their country.

For their part, the representatives of the Christian denominations commended King Abdullah’s commitment to enrich the values of coexistence and tolerance between Christians and Muslims, in addition to his efforts to bring about comprehensive peace in the region.

Prime Minister Samir Rifai, Royal Court Chief Nasser Lozi, and Chief Islamic Justice Ahmad Hilayel attended the meeting.