548 – Desiree Mortenson

In by Sulayman Hart

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Doctoral Candidate

Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

United States

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I was invited to attend the World Council of Churches to celebrate World Faith Harmony week in February 2023. There were rabbis, reverends, pastors, foundation directors, deans, Islamic professors, and LDS missionaries also in attendance. Its theme was “religion in the service of peace, dignity and justice.” I really enjoyed its focus on love and the ethics of peace. While there, a Women’s Federation leader invited me to a Universal Peace Federation meeting a couple of days later at the UN to listen to a Human Rights Council officer and other academics. At these forums, I listened and pondered, took lots of notes and even used a few quotes in my dissertation. While I find that the differences between religions are often stark, I decided to make more of an effort to seek out ways to interact with them in more harmony.