Joint Third Prize Winner 2023

Afrogiveness Movement & Positive Youth Africa


Report 70 The Fraternity Walk –

Over fifty young Cameroonians from different religious and cultural backgrounds were trained by Afrogiveness movement, on interfaith harmony , fight against hate speech, and mediation. The young participants were fortified and certified in a fraternity and capacity-building workshop for Cameroon youth peace-building advocates, organized in Yaoundé on Thursday February 2, 2023. The workshop which marked the beginning of Afrogiveness’ activities for the celebration of World Interfaith Harmony week.

Organized by the Afrogiveness Movement (#Afrogiveness) in partnership with Positive Youth Africa (PYA) and the Africa Initiative for Health and Research promotion (AIHRP), under the patronage of the National Commission of UNESCO, the Fraternity Walk engaged 1000 participants including Pastors, Imams and representatives of 4 Government Ministries in Cameroon(Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Youths and Civic Education, Ministry of Basic Education and Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization).

The overriding mission of the event was to advance human fraternity while raising public awareness about values like; tolerance, forgiveness, empathy, human fraternity and habits like peaceful co-existence and harmonious cooperation between people of all religion, cultures or background.It saw an amalgamation of people from diverse cultural and religious, cultural,ideological and socio-economic backgrounds and it helped to foster social cohesion between youths in host communities and forcibly displaced youths (Internally Displaced Persons from Cameroon and refugees from 7 countries-Sudan, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Mali, Togo, Niger and Chad).