Second Prize Winner 2023

Prize Giving Ceremony:

Cross-cultural Ministry of Kolding Deanery in cooperation with the Office of Migrant Cooperation and Encounter with Other Religions of the Haderslev Diocese

Report 34 –  Women Encounter: Women’s Stories

Report 64 –  Musical Brunch  Fellowship

Report 77 –   The Official Opening of UN WIFHW within the first week of February

Report 105 –  Sprogcafe/ Learning Danish with content related to WIFHW

Report 109 –  Women Encounter Women with Focus on Women`s Rights

Report 113 –   Art Exhibition at Kolding Main Library

Report 118 –   Faith Meets Faith (Tro møder tro)

Report 119 –   Sprogcafe or Learning Danish Language with lesson content related to WIFWH

A variety of events held for people of different cultures, including many refugees, focusing on the central message of the WIHW, Love of God or the Good, and Love of the Neighbour. Events ranged from language classes, discussions and support of WIHW, artistic exhibition in a public library, food sharing, women workshops; faith representatives speaking to school children.