Religious groups call for harmony as UN launches Interfaith Week

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The United Nations World Inter-Faith Harmony week was launched here today. The harmony week will see several religious leaders embarking on an Interfaith Transformation project, around Guyana.

The one week inter-faith harmony observance is aimed at sensitizing Guyanese on the importance of peace and harmony, neighbourly love and unity, amongst all religions.

Acting President, Samuel Hinds, said based on Guyana’s cultural and ethnic fabric, the harmony week is one of national importance and should be treated as such by all Guyanese

“Our hope for interfaith harmony is well founded on how much mankind faiths have in common, in their moral teachings, about how life should be lived, how many should relate to God and to man.”
He urged Guyanese to continue to live in neighborly love despite of their religious belief. I Rass Ian, representative of the Guyana Rastafari Council says harmony is essential especially in a country as diverse as Guyana.
“We know where there is diversity there is competition, in many areas. So there must be some platform where people as diverse as Guyanese can come together and create a vent, in the advent of any situation occurring. “

“We all know Guyana is a peaceful and, loving country, and we always try to spread peace and motivate people with love and harmony.”

The Indigenous (Amerindian), Hindu, Rastafarian, the United Apostolic Mystical Council, Christian and Muslim communities were   represented at the event.

The mission of the week is to bring Guyanese, from all faiths, all religious backgrounds, to work together   to achieve world peace and harmony.