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Surakij Vuthikornpant

Hello,sir.the excellencies,ladies & gentlemen,Send blessesing (bow down humbly),”My “God”” upon you and “Peace” with “loving-kindness towards each other unconditionally infinitely omniamorously”,gloriousness & joy,happiness & well-beings,good healthy,good wealthy,good fortune (Eupraxis as virtue) & no bad fortune (no “dyspraxis”) ,sir.

Please allow me to introduce myself “properly”,sir.
“My “God””‘s name is “God”,sir. (Oneness “God” | “”God”the Father”,””God”the Holy Spirit”,””God”the Son””,blessesing be “my “God””,you alone we worships,no one else above you.)
“My name is Mr. “Surakij” Vuthikornpant,sir.”

To be honest, I’m just a civilian in Bangkok,Thailand,sir.

A few days ago,I found interesting to U.N. website ,


The first week of February every year is “World Interfaith Harmony Week” and this year 2019 , The theme for the observance of the Interfaith Harmony Week for 2019 is “Sustainable Development through Interfaith Harmony.”

According to General Assembly in resolution 65/5 document adopted on 20 October 2010,About World Interfaith Harmony Week.


It said ,

“Encourages all States to support, on a voluntary basis, the spread of the message of interfaith harmony

and goodwill in the world’s churches, mosques,synagogues, temples and other places of worship during that week, based on love of God and love of one’s neighbour or on love of the good and love of one’s neighbour,…..”

And because first week of Febuary is World Inter Faith week and encourage to spread message of Inter Faith Harmony based on love of God,

With “my “God””‘s good wills,lovingkindness,morality & virtues towards all humanity of all nations & all living,all souls,all of “my “God”” his believers in New Hevens,New Erth and everywhere,

For better future,Peace,gloriousness & joy,happiness & well-beings.

With high reverence respect to “my “God””,

With “my “God””‘s permission.

To Remembrance about “my “God””‘s good wills,lovingkindness,morality & virtues of “my “God””.

About wisdom of “my “God”” that reflected in behaviours of people in tradition,About what “my “God”” told us to do ESPECIALLY the behaviours in religion tradition holiday,

Indeed,”my “God”” send blessesing.

For better future,Peace,gloriousness & joy,happiness & well-beings,

And “not only send blessesing but “my “God”” also send “gifts” with his good wills,lovingkindness,morality & virtues towards you too. ^^

Please allow me to make clear to you “signs” with clear proof and evidences,

About “this gifts” not from me,from anyone BUT surely from “my “God””,

And to bear witness and if you finish read my email and believe,

Please share this email with people whom you love and who love you.

And please give thanks to “my “God”” and love “my “God”” as “my “God”” love you,By doing the righteous deeds & making Peace towards each other,towards “my ”God”” & towards all,

And please bear witness about his promises all TRUTHFUL and please don’t forget to share “my “God”” good wills,lovingkindness,morality & virtues with his gifts”.

If you can do that,I will very very appreciate,sir.

Thank you very much,sir. ^^