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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Kolding Deanery in Haderslev Diocese, Lutheran Church in Denmark

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We send to WIHW team and to UN our greetings and congratulations on the 9th year observance of UN World InterFaith Harmony Week!

We are inspired to know about its existence and to know the many events especially carried out in many countries to mark this important week. We thank you also for your action to acknowledge activities for peace, harmony and unity among peoples of different faiths and religions even earlier or after the first week of February.

We are committeed to support World InterFaith Harmony Week and include this event in our calendar and within the list of forthcoming activities. We join in the effort to build communities of hospitality, friendship, tolerance, understanding and compassion among all peoples regardless of differences in race, culture and religion.

The vision or purpose of World InterFaith Harmony Week is also within the biblical and moral imperatives in the Christian faith.

Thank you!


Elizabeth Padillo Olesen and Pastor Michael Markussen