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Wafa Goussous

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Orthodox Initiative/Middle East Council of Churches

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The focus of the World Interfaith Harmony Week comes at a critical time in our world’s history, a time when we witness many societies struggling to embrace religious diversity as a vital component of peaceful communities. The need to deepen connections between people of all faiths is greater than ever, and just as tantamount is the need to do so on a global scale. We appreciate this week as a reminder to reject sectarian divisions around the world, and especially in the Middle East. 
Interfaith harmony is an essential part of the work of the Orthodox Initiative. Working in Jordan today – a country which is hosting people of many nationalities and heritages – helps us practice our belief of assisting and interacting with all people of the world, regardless of faith.
As Jordanians, we are proud that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was the initiator of such an important week. We hope to cherish and respect the intention of World Interfaith Harmony Week through our daily work of encouraging the vitality of faith diversity in all communities. 

Wafa Goussous
Director, the Orthodox Initiative