273 – Maha ElGenaidi and Ameena Jandali

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Maha ElGenaidi and Ameena Jandali

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Islamic Networks Group

United States

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Greetings of Peace:
This is a wonderful and long overdue initiative to emphasize the importance of interfaith dialogue and ommunication, and the power of religion in promoting good in society. At a time when religion is often an excuse for hate, bigotry, and violence, highlighting the value and primacy of interfaith engagement is a wonderful effort. The purpose of all religious traditions and paths is to promote positive actions and character, and a better world for our children. Religious leaders and practitioners must do their part to promote peace and harmony between faiths, and build the society that all of humanity desires and deserves. We congratulate all who have worked tireless towards this initiative and wish for a successful week of interfaith learning and engagement for this year and years to come.

Maha ElGenaidi and Ameena Jandali