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Charlie Wiles

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International Interfaith Initiative

United States

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International Interfaith Initiative (III) is genuinely inspired and whole-heartedly supportive of the United Nation’s World Interfaith Harmony Week. In a world torn apart by poverty, violence, and disregard for the natural environment, we are compelled to draw from our religious and spiritual heritage and reach out to the “other” and strengthen the whole. We seek a common effort in ameliorating chronic ills and manifesting a unified resolve to work together in support of the common good.
At a time when so many international and domestic conflicts seem driven by religious differences, some people believe the concept “interfaith” can point toward common ground. But others worry that the idea of “interfaith” requires sacrificing what is unique and special about their faith, or reducing all religious traditions to a shallow lowest common denominator. By contrast, the International Interfaith Initiative believes that when we come together in open dialogue and an honest effort to find solutions to chronic problems, adherents of differing religious traditions can discover answers that none of us would have imagined alone. In other words, public engagement and political conflict can bring out the best rather than the worst of different religious traditions.
Here at III, we will continue, shoulder to shoulder with many in this global effort represented by World Interfaith Harmony Week, to pursue our mission to “foster interfaith cooperation and strengthen civil society.”
With hope for unity, peace, and harmony for all the world,
Charlie Wiles, director
International Interfaith Initiative
Indianapolis, IN USA
[email protected]