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Zuhl Kandi

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We all pray to God


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Greetings and peace from God’s guiding light for mankind .With appreciation and respect for His Majesty King Abdullah and each carried the light of God in his heart No matter how different our languages and religions.That if we look for the truth that brings us together We will find the way and is one (God)Brought us together with love, compassion and brotherhood.Not days are asked for the name of or Of any religion we to answer to our question and bless us with His bounty and grace .Will not be considered day to our faces, but look into our hearts.Accepts us as we are our sins and our Cruelty .Looking for a good seed planted by us Which is the basis of our confidence in its and bring us closer to him .The first houses of God in us is our hearts Let there be light and full of mercy and love To make a circle surrounded by all the lovers I need your hands If God in your heart you are lovers
Do not tell me your name or religion, just give me your hands in order to complete the circle .
God brings us together to love and peace