World Interfaith Harmony Week Campagin (3411)

In Iraq by

Better World Organization for Community Development will celebrate the UN declaration on this regard through different activities. The organization will create a group 25 youth participants from different religions in the city (Christians, Muslims, and Yazidies) to be part of the campaign. In January, the organization will select participants and make coordination with government. In first of February, we will conduct 2 hours’ workshop for 25 participants on WIHW explaining the UN declaration and details of project and purposes. One day all the participants with the organization team will plant threes in three different religious temples (one mosque, one church, and one Yazidi religion place) in Duhok city. In last day a presentation on Peace Massage in the three religions will be conducted by three religious leaders from three religions in University of Duhok with the presentation on UN declaration on WIHW.