Inspiring Impressions of Moments of Prayer. Inter-religious encounters. (174)

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Interfaith encounters including photo contest, exhibition, payer, dialogue linking Christians, Jews, Muslims and other faiths. A spiritual journey exploring what praying means to individuals, with the best entries printed in a calendar and exhibited publically.

From 7:00pm until 10:00pm

At Chapel for Europe - Chapel of the Resurrection AISBL

Rue Van Maerlant, 22-24

I.T.OUCH Alameda and Chapel for Europe AISBL / +32(2) 23.09.242 and +320474 06 43 84

What does praying mean? How could this be portrayed in photographic format? I.T.OUCH' and Chapel for Europe AISBL invited people of all faiths to explore this theme and be as creative as possible. The contest was organised within the framework of World Interfaith Harmony Week, with the support of Plateforme Interconvictionnelle Bruxelles. Our photo contest was launched on Dec.1st 2017 and the last date for submissions was 15 January 2018. Participants submitted pictures and the organizers chose the 12 finalists. A jury selected the 3 prize-winners after voting, on the basis of criteria focusing on artistic, educational and inter-faith dialogue. We will hold a photo exhibition opening event at the Chapel for Europe on February 1st, marking the start of the WIHW events organized by the Plateforme Interconvictionelle Bruxelles. Prior to that, we will hold an inter-religious prayer session with music from different faiths. At a later date, El Kalima (member of the Plateforme Interconvictionelle Bruxelles) will publish a 12-month calendar with the 12 finalists’ photos.

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