In Morocco, Christian and Muslim students speak, in joy and conviviality, of interreligious wisdom (2898)

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For the first time, in the eastern region of Morocco , Christian students come to meet Muslims in places of culture and spirituality. At Zaouiyya (brotherhood) butchichiyya, they share the Sufi spirituality, in an institute of Muslim theology they come to discover the culture of religious formation in Islam, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Oujda, they share with Muslim students moments of deep conviviality and common reflection on the wisdom contained in their religious traditions. Christian students live Moroccan generosity, in the sharing of the dishes as in the sincerity of the words. This experience profoundly transforms each other's ideas about identity and otherness

From 9:00am until 12:30am

zaouiyya boutchichiyya, Oujda, Al Kadi Al Fakih Abdallah Ben Said Al Oujdi Theology Institute, Faculty of Humanities and Letters, Oujda

Almowafaqa Institute, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Oujda / 00212 -665197948

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