Faith without Barriers (4443)

In Azerbaijanby


Three-day program which includes: blood donation, visiting a residential school for children with cerebral palsy, and an art exhibition.

From 11:00am until 2:00pm

At Holiday Inn Baku

5 Keykab Khanim Safaraliyeva, Baku AZ1010

HUMAN Foundation / +994503784404

07.02.2017 - Blood donation by representatives of different religions for the thalassemic children of all religious backgrounds. 08.02.2017 - An exhibition by children (aged 12-18) of different religious backgrounds who will demonstrate their work together. The subject of the exhibition is how a representative of one faith describes and expresses another faith. There will also be a brief introduction to Abrahamic religions during this event. 10.02.2017 - Visiting the residential school for children suffering from cerebral palsy, with people from different religious backgrounds.

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