Peace is our Conscious Choice (2186)

In Brazilby


Ecumenical prayers, meditation and mantras for PEACE

From 10:00am until 1:00pm


Av Braz Leme 1373 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Fraternidade PAX Universal / 55-11-2236-0244, 2236-2726

Ecumenical prayers, meditation and mantras for Peace at PAX Metaphysical center founded in 1985 by Carmen Balhestero - event on Feb4th will have professionals that lead PAX work , and will be broadcasted by internet : - Feb5th no event at venue but just suggested prayers for people to do at home and Feb 6th & 7th Prayers and Meditations from 10Am to 6Pm at PAX web TV > - Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this global event - Facebook : Carmen Balhestero I & II; UM CURSO EM MILAGRES - CARMEN BALHESTERO; FRATERNIDADE PAX UNIVERSAL

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