World Interfaith Harmony Week In Pakistan

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Religious youth from across Pakistan have committed to use the “peaceful” elements in Pakistan to counter violence in 2012. Representatives from different faiths gathered on February 20 in Lahore, Pakistan to celebrate the World Interfaith Harmony Week 2012.

At the end of the symposium the 28 participants from six cities expressed their commitment to uproot “all kinds of religious violation by upholding moral legitimacy”. “All religions preach love, sharing, and service”, said Muhammad Khurram to the Interfaith Youth in Action (IYA) group.

The symposium met on the call of the United Nations about the World Interfaith Harmony Week during the first week of February 2012 in order to build peace, love and respect for all faiths. Referring to the different faiths and cultures in Pakistan, Karamat Jameel (Organization for Community Development Faisalabad) said that unity in diversity has not only to be maintained but to be strengthened as respect for other faiths is of global importance. “Youth is the strongest power in the world. Young people should promote respect and the sense of friendship among faiths and present is the requisites for building peace in Pakistan”, said Fr. Bernard Emmanual (Diocesan Director for Interfaith Dialogues & Ecumenism). During the symposium the IYA also framed its priorities for the year 2012: building friendship and develop fellowship through social gathering and community service activities. “Due to the tense situation in Pakistan, the network will be a great aspiration for young people to contribute as an individual or in a group to interfaith work said Fr. Herman S.J. At the end of the symposium a peace cake and sweets were shared to celebrate the World Interfaith Harmony Week 2012