World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018 and UNAOC

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The centrality of interfaith cooperation as an important condition for building a culture of peace has been underscored by Resolution 65/5, 23 November 2010, which proclaims the first week of February every year the World Interfaith Harmony Week at the United Nations.

In February 2018, UNAOC is participating in to two events related to interfaith dialogue encouraging the promotion of peace and stability.

In the first event, UNAOC in partnership with the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN (CRNGO), will co-organize the 8th Celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week on 7 February 2018 which will focus on “Inspiring Faith in Humanity”. Religious leaders will join U.N. Representatives and Diplomats to share their stories and knowledge, and emphasize the partnership between religious communities and the United Nations to bring the world closer toward a more compassionate and sustainable future.

In the second event, UNAOC, participates in the Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue, which convenes for its thirteenth session on the theme: “Religion and Human Rights” .The conference will be held February 20-21, 2018, in Doha, Qatar.

The UNAOC has a long track record of partnering with faith-based organizations, academia and research institutes with the aim of promoting cultural and religious understanding amid the growing challenges of intolerance, violent extremism.