WIHW Events in Kazakhstan

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To His Excellency, Director of the Office of his Royal Highness Prince Ghazi

With reference to this year’s celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, we would like to bring to your attention the following:

The Agency of Religious Affairs in Kazakhstan organized a group of events in Mosques, Churches and in the only existing synagogue in Astana, with the following time sequence:

? Friday, 3/Feb/2012 – The Assistant Mufti of the republic of Kazakhstan and Friday sermon preacher gave a speech in one of the biggest mosques in Astana, with the capacity of including more than 2000 worshipers. His speech was about the World Interfaith Harmony Week, where he explained to the worshipers about the Royal initiative adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

? A speech was given before the worshipers in the same mosque prior to the Friday sermon, shedding light on the initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah and the importance of tolerance amongst all religions, reinforcing dialogue, distancing oneself from extremism, exaggeration and showing intolerance towards all religions.

? Copies of the “Amman Message” and “World Interfaith Harmony Week” booklets were distributed in the mosque, some churches as well as the synagogue.

? Sunday, 5/Feb/2012. During prayers, The Catholic Church of Astana enlightened the people about the World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah.

? Saturday, 4/Feb/2012 – The Catholic Church gave an explanation about the World Interfaith Harmony Week and called for coexistence amongst religions and distancing oneself from Religious extremism.

? Sunday, 5/Feb/2012 – The Lutheran Church praised his Majesty King Abdullah’s World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative among people of different religions, and the importance of spreading the spirit of tolerance and love among followers of different religions.

? Saturday, 11/Feb/2012 – The Rabbi of Kazakhstan gave a speech during Jewish prayers in the Synagogue of Astana. He emphasized on coexistence and tolerance amongst different religions, referring to His Majesty King Abdullah’s World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative. Noting that last year’s World Interfaith Harmony Week celebrations, did not include any Rabbi’s and was merely celebrated by Muslim and Christian religious leaders at the headquarters of the International Centre of World Religious Leaders in Astana.

Hoping for your kind attention,

Yours sincerely,