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2019-01-31 All Day

Country: United States
City: Atlanta Georgia, College Park 30349
Newlife Horizon House (NLHH) Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charitable, educational organization. The intent of our “World Interfaith Harmony Week” Talk & Tune ENTRY is to spark worldwide dialogues around how human beings acquire skin color and the true purpose for it. The goal of our ENTRY Event is to open up a delightful way the global community can neutralize the mental, physical and spiritual conflicts and tragedies escalating from how human beings have come to view skin color, particularly in the United States of America. Many habitual 'unconscious' skin color reactions and what appears, far too often, to be a 'conscious' display of the inability to deescalate such artificial skin color divides occur in governing procedures, economic initiatives, health care perspectives, social associations, within family dynamics, and even in houses of worship. We at NLHH, Inc see the M.A.T.I.N.G. Model developed by Dr. Baiza R. Muhammad and THE COLOR SONG written and sung by Patricia Shih as a perfect union for engaging people in a productive skin color Talk & Tune event for World Peace. We, at NLHH, Inc have witnessed skin color Talk & Tune activities serve as positive talking points coupled with a magnetic musical tune to begin a journey towards color understanding and peace. What a wonderful way to encourage cheerful, intellectual, and heartwarming dialogues that can lead to action oriented, productive exchanges that address the long-standing horrors and hurts of skin color aggression. Our objective is to invite people across age ranges, cultures, and continents to simply use the *M.A.T.I.N.G. Model, to sing *THE COLOR SONG, and if accessible read *THE COLOR OF MAN book and then discuss the M.A.T.I.N.G. Model to unravel the telling wisdom that points to the Scriptural verse Al-Rum wherein it says: “with the name of the Creator of all creation”, most Beneficent, most Merciful "in the signs of the heavens and earth, the diversity of our languages and our colors are signs (in creation) for those who have a will to understand and who know”. (Al-Quran 30:22. Our event maps ways human beings acquire skin color utilizing (M) for migration, (A) for adaptation, (T) for time, (I) for isolation, (N) for natural selection, (G) for genetics. Our uncomplicated application of talk and the tune of joyful singing logically questioning and proposing solutions: 1. Will motivate people to rethink inhumane & bullying references attached to skin color and other biological features. 2. The dialogue will perhaps help humankind everywhere find peace in their diverse skin colors identities. 3. The dialogue can also encompass unlimited positive biological, anatomical, psychological, physiological, philosophical and theological 'factual' skin color conversations. We at NLHH, Inc have witnessed, over 28 years, how the combination of the M.A.T.I.N.G. Model and THE COLOR SONG union have brought forth thought provoking discussions from varied view points. The many conversations shared have proven to open unexplored contemplation about coloring agents in nature, mobility throughout the planet earth, culture and community development, what is available in nature for the deed doing and advancement of human families, communities and nations, and the reproduction of reoccurring human life. Increasing layers of dialogue constantly emerges grounded in the beauty, utility of the human family; and resourcefulness of humanity; rather than in the ownership divisive fabrications of human skin color. Event Ref. Website:, Healing & Harmony For Humankind Broadcast @ &