Scien-tastic Spirit Week!

In by zeinab


2021-01-26 9:00 PM

Country: United States
It's January Scien-tastic Spirit Week! Our January Spirit Week will be dedicated to Science & STEM!
Monday - Mad Science Day: dress like a scientist in your lab coat, wear science accessories,, wear a shirt with a science theme or dress like a well known scientist
Tuesday - Robot Re-boot: dress like a robot, make a robot hat or wear a shirt with a robot on it. You can even create a robot and send in a picture.
Wednesday - Outta This World Day: wear a NASA shirt, dress like an astronaut or wear a shirt, hat, socks or other accessory with the sun, moon, stars or any sort of space theme.
Thursday - STEM/Science Freestyle: get creative and wear anything related to STEM or Science...a shirt, "sun" hat, crazy socks or hair, dress like an engineer, mathematician, science or STEM teacher, doctor or nurse.
Friday - Scien-tastic Tiger Day: wear your HSS Tiger spirit shirt.