Interreligious stoves, remembering Abraham

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2019-02-13 6:30 PM

Country: Spain
City: Madrid
The Abraham Forum for interreligious and intercultural dialogue aims to carry out a series of activities within the framework of the Week of Interconfessional Harmony. All the activities will revolve around the figure of Prophet Abraham, and the passage of Genesis in which Abraham receives the visit of three strangers and gives them hospitality, feeds them, and when they are gone, he realizes that they were angels . This story appears in the three great religions. The scene that represents the visit of God to Abraham in the form of three angels, next to the oak of Mambré, to announce that Sarah will have a son, has become a paradigm of that hospitality. The activity we want to carry out in collaboration with the Salam Project of the La Merced Foundation for Migration is: 'Interreligious stoves'. Objective: create the opportunity for the guests to get to know each other and exchange impressions, establish a safe place for dialogue in a relaxed way.