Forum: Human Rights and Religious Liberty’

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2019-02-20 2:00 PM

Country: Spain
City: Madrid


The Forum Abraham participates with the Pablo VI Foundation in the organization of a Debate on Religious Freedom and worship as a fundamental right of citizens. A right that entails the freedom to follow and freely profess a certain religion, without being forced to act against his conscience, or be prevented from acting according to it, either in public or private. But are there limits to this right to publicly manifest the faith? And to conscientious objection? How do the different religious confessions reconcile the fundamental right to Religious Freedom with the principle of the secularity of States? To analyze these issues will be attended by Isaac Querub, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain; Riay Tatary President of the Union of Islamic Communities of our country; and Cardinal Lluis Martínez Sistach, Archbishop Emeritus of Barcelona and Academic of Honor of the Royal European Academy of Doctors.