O’Connell To Host 2013 World Interfaith Harmony Film Festival In Conjunction With The United Nations

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Thu, 07 February 2013 18:07:20

The World Interfaith Harmony Film Festival, http://www.worldinterfaithharmonyfilmfestival.com/, has chosen philanthroper, designer, and entertainment entrepreneur Aerin O’Connell to host this years ceremonies scheduled from February 6th – 10th. The World Interfaith Harmony Film Festival is an annual event to be observed during the first week of February in conjunction with the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week. Organizer Renee DePalma has chosen Aerin for her esteemed entertainment background, as well as her philanthropy work across the world.

Aerin recently traveled to Liberia, West Africa, and will be returning late this month along with the More Than Me Organization, www.morethanme.org.

As their primary initiative, the More Than Me Organization and Aerin aim to remove little girls from the streets and place them into schools; Liberia being one of the world’s most dangerous slums in the world. Overrun by crime in this poverished region, one out of every four young girls are forced into a life of prostitution.

Aerin and the More Than Me Organization are working with community leaders to identify these girls who are at the highest risk of sexual exploitation to ensure that education and opportunity, not servitude and poverty, define their lives. They pay tuition, provide school lunch and work with the school and community to make it impossible for them to fail.

During her week working abroad, Aerin was quoted as to her experience, “Liberia really has their work cut out for them; but after meeting these fierce spirits, that will not be wavered by unforeseen stumbling blocks that might otherwise be intimidating or hopeless. I’m confident that after meeting so many amazing individuals with great commitment to their cause, all goals and initiative will ultimately be met. Getting an inside look allowed everything to resonate with me, reality is tough. I am very thankful and appreciative to everyone who took the time to talk with me, allow interviews, open up about their lives, former lives, and aspirations for the future.”

In the spirit of achieving a culture of peace, The World Interfaith Harmony Film Festival has been created to promote and celebrate harmony between all people regardless of their faith tradition or country of origin. Recognizing the imperative need for dialogue amongst different faiths and religions to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation, this film festival encourages a gathering of people from all across the United States and from nations around the World.

The Festival Program will showcase and celebrate the works of independent filmmakers who strive to make a difference in our world by creating films on themes of peace, non-violence, social justice, and environmental balance as these themes pertain to interfaith harmony.

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