89 – Virginia Gray Henry

In Letters of Support by Staff

Your Majesty King Abdullah,

Your Royal Highness Prince Ghazi,

If all the interfaith organizations around the world could unite – join up together in the way being offered to us here – and thereby help to put all the worlds’ religions in greater touch, then we would certainly be a world force to be reckoned with. Let us continue to move forward, remembering “to love our neighbors as ourselves.” This tenet of all faiths is not just an abstract concept; it is a concrete reality, to be evidenced in being and in action. As Prince Ghazi said, let us not seek mere toleration or absence of war, but let us live in harmony.

We, at Fons Vitae, are devoted to participating in this urgent mission through our publishing of spiritual texts arising from the great faiths, producing films, and creating events and lecture series that aim to promote such a harmony as well as an admiration of one religious community for another. Therefore, we strongly support the Harmony Week initiative and are actively pursuing its realization.

In His Holy Name,

Virginia Gray Henry


United States


Fons Vitae

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