74 – Darrell Bouldin

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

If we ever wish to progress as one humanity sharing one planet floating in the immensity of space we must learn to live in harmony and peaceful coexistence with goodwill for all. For me interfaith harmony is progressive. In the United States we have had a long history of reconciliation and understanding between faiths. The United States was founded by people fleeing religious persecution and seeking interfaith harmony. This nation was founded upon religious freedom but as with other aspects of it there has been contention. Along with freedom of religion we need interfaith harmony so that this nation, and the world may progress. Interreligious dialogue is essential in an increasingly diverse United States, and an increasingly connected world. Our humanity binds us together. Practically every religion has as a core value respect and love of others. Practically every religion has us as created by the same source therefore making us all brothers, and sisters. I strongly support World Interfaith Harmony Week for harmony in my own country, and among all of humanity.

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Activist, Founder & National Coordinator

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