533 – Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

In Denmark, Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Kolding Deanery of 31 local Lutheran Churches within Haderslev Diocese (in 8 towns)


Letter of Support UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2022

Congratulations, that even in the midst of Corona Crisis, in the midst of wars and violence in our one world, the observance of UN World InterFaith Harmony Week has continued to unite individuals, peoples of religions and non-faiths, organizations and nations to organize events to concretize the principles of Love of God, Love of the Neighbor and Love of the Good.

This global observance is a voice in human conscience that cries out loudly for the concretization of values of love, peace, compassion, justice, solidarity and harmony for our common life and common existence in our one world. Congratulations to the United Nations! Congratulations to the WIFHW team that coordinates this event, collects the carried-out events or activities, and records them on the website for global inspiration. Thank you!

This is our fourth time to join, and we look forward to continually support the observance of the UN World InterFaith Harmony Week with our ongoing activities for migrants and refugees, for foreign students and guest workers, families and for our local people in need. We will continue to seek to find new and creative ways of gathering people of diversity for sharing, learning, common reflection and action. This we do in cooperation with churches, local organizations, and other religious groups in our town and country.

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, coordinator Cross-cultural Ministry of Kolding Deanery (of 31 local churches in the municipality in Kolding, Denmark )

Michael Markussen, chairman of the Lutheran Church Migrant Cooperation and Faith Encounter Ministry of Haderslev Diocese (of church deaneries in 8 towns)

Maria Jensen, member of the board of the Cross-Cultural Ministry of Kolding Deanery

Biak Chin Par Lian, Consultant, Lutheran Church Migrant Cooperation and Faith Encounter Ministry of Haderslev Diocese in Denmark