518 – Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang

In Letters of Support, Philippines by Staff

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang

Title/ Position
Chair, Special Interest Groups

World Council for Curriculum and Instruction


Dear Partners and Allies for the World Interfaith Harmony Week,

Peace and wellbeing! Here is greeting you all, a safe, and meaningful celebration of the WIHW.

This is my sincere expression of solidarity in our sincere intention for global healing and our desire to overcome together this deadly pandemic-the coronavirus with its emerging variants. As a peace educator and an advocate for fostering interreligious dialogue, multicultural understanding, indigenous peoples’ philosophy of interdependence with nature thereby the necessity for the preservation of the health of Mother Earth, and building sustainable futures, this year’s WIHW is focused on healing and wellbeing.

This year’s theme in the Philippines is dubbed “Celebrating the Spirit of Harmony and Solidarity Amidst Covid19.”

I affirm once again the belief that interreligious dialogue, mutual understanding, person to person encounter, and forging a friendship with people from diverse backgrounds comprise an important dimension of the culture of peace. I will continue to be an ambassador of the WIHW and advocate for cooperation and harmony among people of diverse cultures and religions.

Together, we continue to weave and unify the threads that bind us as a world community for today’s generation and for the future of our children. We can be likened to a beautiful woven tapestry where different colors and threads (representing various religions) stand together and forming a beautiful harmony of a life-giving co-existence. I always say, yes, “we shall continue to tend and create that beautiful world where everybody is accepted and appreciated.”