514 – Dr. Phyllis A. Green

In Jamaica, Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

Dr. Phyllis A. Green

Academy For The Study Of Religion

Chief Executive Officer


I fully support all initiatives to celebrate the World Inter-Faith Harmony Week wherever they take place around the world. I do this as I fully endorse all efforts to maintain and sustain harmony among all people in their homes, at their work places, in their communities, in their nations, in their regional groups, and ultimately among the nations of the world.

Our organization will partner with the Jamaica Council For Inter-Faith Fellowship to begin our celebrations on Sunday, January 31, 2021 with an Inter-Faith service in which representatives of all religions and religious forms in Jamaica will participate. Thereafter, our Academy will be hosting an academic conference involving scholars from all religions and from Caribbean religious groups. This is the first time that Jamaica will be celebrating the World Inter-Faith Harmony Week and we intend to make this an annual event.