511 – Will Ingram

In Canada, Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

Will Ingram

St. Andrew’s Church, Toronto



For the past years, the congregation of St. Andrew’s Church, Toronto, has had the great honour to work with our Muslim friends who gather for their weekly prayers in the Great Hall of our church facility in downtown Toronto. Their presence has been a blessing among us, and an inspiration to be a people of prayer and of service. On occasion, we have also had the opportunity to work together on service-related projects such as the Out of the Cold program which offers nutritious food and a warm welcome to those who struggle with issues of poverty, substance abuse, loneliness and mental health concerns on the streets of our city.

We were recently welcomed at a special interfaith gathering hosted by our Muslim colleagues, which took place at Holy Trinity Church, Toronto. Their hospitality and gracious invitation were deeply appreciated.

We look forward to deepening our friendships and finding new ways to celebrate and serve together.