504 – Alexander Dukhovny

In Letters of Support, Ukraineby Noora Chahine

Alexander Dukhovny

Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Kyiv of the Progressive Jewish Congregations

All-Ukrainian Council of Religious Organisations


Your Message
I am Rabbi Alexander Dukhovny, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Kyiv of the Progressive Jewish congregations, presently chairing the All-Ukrainian Council of Religious Organisations (VRRO) which includes representatives of various religious movements: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Baha’i Faith, Native Ukrainian National Faith, Krishna and Buddhists followers.
The aim of our organization coincides with the mission of the World Interfaith Harmony Week.
Here in Ukraine we, leaders of the different religious organisations of Ukraine have been united in order
– to bring together our efforts of spiritual and harmonious revival of Ukraine;
– to strength the humanistic foundations of Ukrainian society;
– to develop the interfaith dialogue and to protect the religious freedom;
– to implement the charitable activities, etc.
We are presenting our religious diversity in unity of one Ukrainian nation.

Participating in the World Interfaith Harmony Week we are learning and teaching our followers to love God and our neighbors, in order to preserve peace, democracy and tolerance and to bring impatience to evil, xenophobia, antisemitism, anti-Islam, racism and hatred.

Paraphrasing the words of a sage, I may say:
We have learned how to fly in the sky, like birds,
We have learned how to swim in the seas, like fish,
Our World Interfaith Harmony Week helps people to live on Earth like humans, who are created in God’s likeness and image!

May all of us turn this Week of Harmony into centuries and love and peace!