489 – Shahid Aziz

In Letters of Support, United Kingdomby Noora Chahine

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Mr Shahid Aziz

Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore (UK)

United Kingdom

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We fully support your efforts to bring humanity together. This was the objective of the missionary work of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). In 1914 we established a mission at Woking in the UK to bring humanity together. It started by removing the differences between different schools of thought in Islam. There the Shia, the Sunni and all their variants worshipped together. The Sunni led the prayers and the Shia prayed behind him. The Shia led the prayers and the Sunni prayed behind him. On the Eid day, one delivered the khutba and the other led the prayers. We assure you of our full support and will your endeavours in every way that we can.