479- Bart ten Broek

In Letters of Support, Netherlands by


Interrelgious Council Segbroek at The Hague (Netherlands), CC of URI.


In The Hague (NL) we support WIHW with three moments:
The 4th of February we present an interrreligious domino game and then we ask spiritual leaders and members of boards from mosks, churches and mandirs to sign a declaration that they agree the founding of a safety pact in the City of the Hague in the coming time.
On wednesday the 6 th of February we organize a mael for people without a roof above their heads ans play the domino game.
On the 9 th of February we organize together with a theatre a prgram InSpiRituals, in which you can see what happens in services of the community in a harmony atmosphere. Around two presentations there are walks along several prayer houses.