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Shahid Aziz

Ahmadiyya Association for the Propation of Islam (UK branch)

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The Holy Quran’s message is for the whole humanity. To benefit from its teachings a person does not even have to embrace but only to act on the teaching itself. For example, regardless of belief, everyone who shuns alcohol or gambling will benefit. A society regardless of its belief, which shuns these things will benefit. The Holy Quran treats all men as equal regardless of faith and says the only superiority one person over another is in taqwa or doing one’s duty sincerely.

This is forgotten by people and they think that just because they follow a creed they’d achieve salvation or become better than others. The Constitution of Medina gave all citizens of the area equal rights so long as they were loyal to the state. This established universal equality over and above faith. Unless humankind recognises this, we shall continue to hurtle to destruction.