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Dr Rifai Sulaiman

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Dear Brothers in humanity.

This initiative to bring together all humanity into one umbrella organisation is a very good initiative. I personally welcome this initiative. We are living in a dangerous world now.

Unlike in the past, humanity is facing existential threat. Most of these threats are man-made threats. You name it. Problems such as global warming or nuclear arm racing between development nations and the phenomenon of extremism of all kinds are threatening human life on earth. yet, political leaders and policy makers pay little attention to these issues. It is said the huge amount of weapon, humanity has created is enough to wipe out humanity within couples of months.

In this crucial times in human history, humanity must be united to protect human races from all these threats. I think his majesty King Abdullah’s initiative is a very good to bring all humanity under one common platform. It is difficult but we must do it for the future of humanity on earth.