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Howard Comen

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Developer World Interfaith, Racial Tribal, Ethnic and Gender Harmony Month


United States

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There is only the Human Race, This race is composed of black, white, yellow, red shades, and all shades.

The World Conference of Mayors has passed a resolution at it’s October Conference in Detroit Michigan endorsing World Interfaith, Racial, Tribal, Ethnic, and Gender Harmony month this January. It will be an effort by those Mayors participating to develop a game plan in local Universities to introduce the Trinity of Equality ( Economic Opportunity, Justice, and Education) and identify local problems and work on solutions.

In February participating Mayors will submit summaries of local efforts which will be exchanged between WCM local offices and the World Interfaith Harmony Month in February.

I would be happy to provide interested parties from World Interfaith Harmony Week our concept. A closer look at our efforts can be found at comendetectives.com