392 – Cheikh Sidya NDIAYE, MA, PhD

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Cheikh Sidya NDIAYE, MA, PhD

Researcher. Teacher. Writer. Co-founder and chairman of the ASBAC

Senegalese Association for Active Participation in Sustainable Development and Struggling against Unemployment)


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The WIHW is a good initiative.This event represents one of the best promises for a bright future in our world. In this period of time, Africans have a particular concern over the turmoil reaching their continent. War and terrorism are blurring our hopes of economic development, better education and health, ending the endemic diseases and starvation. African are beware that people living together must consider their mutual enhancement in a peaceful and productive context, instead of engaging their souls and resources into self-destructive attempts to vainly extinguish the social and cultural rainbow on Humanity.

We give full total support to the WIHW.