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Zakaria El hamel Idrissi

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Founder & President

Youth for Peace-International


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As in previous years, Youth for Peace-International in Morocco welcomes this year’s World Interfaith Harmony Week 2016 We invite our members, partners, civil society organizations, faith communities, universities, youth, and other sectors to participate in this initiative. 2014’ theme was Stopping Violence in the Name of Religion,2015 them was Interreligious Dialogue in Morocco; Peaceful Co-existence between Divine Religions.

The UN designated the first week of February every year as World Interfaith Harmony Week with the motto of ”Love of God and Love of the Neighbor” / ”Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor.” Youth for Peace-International calls on Youth of faith to honor the Divine indwelling in a way that encourages understanding, respect, and cooperation among Youth of all faiths for the well-being of our communities and peace in the world.

So, cooperative action among religious communities and states for peace must express our common commitments to honour and protect the inviolable dignity of each person.