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Shawn Rae

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Worldwide Foundation For Humanity / www.ShawnRae.com

United States

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Your Majesty King Abdullah ibn-Alhussien
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Your Royal Highness Prince Ghazi

Your majesty’s quote “The fact is, humanity everywhere is bound together, not only by mutual interests, but by shared commandments to love God and neighbour; to love the good and neighbor” encapsulates how the human race needs to conduct itself. My Associates and I agree that:

“A unified humanity can collectively resolve problems… Divided, we only serve to create them.”
–Shawn Rae

The challenge then is individually and collectively to awaken our true potential for goodness and greatness, and to realize that positive change begins with us. I sincerely believe that World Interfaith Harmony Week is a very positive vehicle to lead humankind towards that positive change.

With great respect and admiration I applaud you and all those involved, including the United Nations, and certainly those joining in the future on this much needed undertaking.

We, in our organization will do our utmost to spread the wonderful message of this great international event!

In Peace & Solidarity,
Shawn Rae

Music Message for Interfaith harmony (3:49 sec.)