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Amir Shihadeh

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I would love to extend my greatest appreciation to His Majesty King
Abdullah II of Jordan for his continuous efforts and action in building
peace around the world! I highly support the World Interfaith Harmony
Week, and will try my best to make this week an international phenomenon
by spreading this great message throughout YARA’s online presence and

Many of the problems around the world are related to:
– The misunderstandings of the three monotheistic religions,
– Lack of knowledge and/or implementation of religions beliefs,
– The misconceptions of religion – in which the media plays a
significant role in.
– The effect culture and tradition have on religion.

I believe that these topics are very important and should be
discussed in a more frequent
manner. I personally aim for a better world, and I will continue to
support the WIHW.

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Amir Shihadeh