312 – George Windsor, The Earl of St Andrews

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Your Majesty,

Prince Ghazi,
May I congratulate you on this bold initiative to which I wish all success. Building on the noble and generous initiative of A Common Word, itself a historic milestone in interfaith (especially Muslim-Christian) relations, it creates a space in which men and women of goodwill of all faiths and none can meet in common affirmation of love of God (or the Good) and of neighbour, an affirmation that is at the core of our humanity. In acknowledging this shared commitment (which need exclude no one) we can build a culture of harmony, peace and mutual respect in a world too often marked by fear, mistrust and hostility. I hope the Week will be widely adopted in schools and universities around the world. It is has the potential to be a powerful force for good.

Best regards,
The Earl of St Andrews


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