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Ajarat Bada

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One Young World Ambassador (Nigeria)/ Founder

’The Missing Millennium Development Goal: Ensure Interfaith Collaboration for Peace’- A One Young World Ambassador Initiative


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The ‘Missing Millennium Development Goal- Ensure Interfaith Collaboration for Peace’initiative strongly supports the leadership of H. M. King Abdullah II and H.R. H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad and the UN General Assembly in the establishment of World Interfaith Harmony Week, 1-7 February each year. As an initiative of One Young World (OYW), the premier global forum for the best and brightest young people of leadership caliber, we are delighted to be observing this week with people from all over the world.
The OYW ambassadors in unison strongly believe that some of the Millennium Development Goals may not be possible at all in the countries torn by war and conflict, majority of which are motivated by or excused with religious differences. It is imperative that Interfaith Dialogue becomes key to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and our common vision of a more just and equitable world where the “Love of God and love of neighbor” or love of the good and love of neighbor” will be at its peak.
This inaugural year for the World Interfaith Harmony week is particularly important for One Young World, as it marks the year when major initiatives of the previous year, 2010, are put to test. This commemoration comes after the Inaugural One Young World Summit, the review of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and more importantly, it falls in the middle of the United Nation’s International Year of Youth, an initiative that has empowered young people like us to be actively involved in the planning of our future.
Thank you for initiating this Week as a shared focus to build a culture of peace around the world.
Kind Regards,
Ajarat Bada, Founder
‘The Missing Millennium Development Goal- Ensure Interfaith Collaboration for Peace’
One Young World Ambassador (Nigeria)
A One Young World Initiative