285 – Anil Bhanot OBE

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Anil Bhanot OBE

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Managing Trustee

Hindu Council UK

United Kingdom

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A wonderful initiative, much needed to promote the common goal of spirituality shared by all religions as more and more nowadays we find ourselves interacting with peoples of different traditions, different laws and customs in our ordinary daily lives. Traditions are important, they bring people together, they serve to give families and friends happiness through a shared sense of belonging and with interfaith activity we extend that principle to all humanity. We go a step further than observing just our own tradition, we learn to give others space for theirs. Thus more we give to others provided they are progressive and not regressive, humane and not imposing, we can only add to a better world nearer to the Absolute Brahm.
Thank you for inviting me to send a letter of support for this noble activity.