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Chryspin Afifu

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Center for Partnership & Civic Engagement


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For the organizaers of the event, I wish you successiful deliberations and I believe that someday, the world over will recognize the strength in Interfaith Harmony. For this will build lasting peace relations, mutual co-existence, cohesion and interdependency.
Jan 25, 2011

King Abdullah II,

I salute you for the thoughts and deeper insights in the development of the World Interfaith Harmony idea. This is because, religion has a strong, perhaps growing significance as a key source of identity for billions of people across the world. In recent years, religion has made a muted but tangible impact development circles, most commonly reflecting the view that religious hatreds and differences are central to many recent and current conflicts in both developing and developed world.

Religion can encourage conflict in one hand and build peace on the other. However, religious forces play a constructive role in helping to resolve conflicts. Religious individuals and faith-based organizations, as carriers of religious ideas, can play important roles, not only as a source of conflict but also as a tool for conflict resolution and peace-building. Interfaith Harmony can help achieve greater social cohesion, and provide crucial foundation for progress in enhancing human development across the world.

Our organization, Center for Partnership and Civic Engagement (CEPACET)- www.cepacet.org, is engaged in promoting the principles and philosophies of Interfaith in order to bring lasting peace, interdependence, co-existence and common good among Kenyan communities. We whole heartedly support the World Interfaith Harmony Week and hope to follow the proceedings to enhance our work.

Thank you all and may you be blessed exceedingly abundantly.

Chryspin Afifu