268 – Rev Fr John-Brian Paprock

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Every week should be World Interfaith Harmony Week. What a wonderful opportunity to begin a week focused on harmony. As one of the founders of Interfaith Awareness Week in Wisconsin(the week of the UN Declaration of Human Rights), I can see a future where it is not strange or unusual to discuss our individual faith without fear of reprisal or ridicule with others who believe differently.

We have just finished our 13th annual Interfaith Awareness Week and every year seems to have a life of its own. We have wondered how to extend the peaceful and harmonious vibrations that our Capitol Celebration evokes.

My book ”Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else” deals with the complex issues of peace and harmony from an Eastern Christian perspective. (available on amazon.com)

Locally, the Greater Madison Interreligios Association has started an Interfaith Thanksgiving event in November.

This World Interfaith Harmony Week will be a welcome addition to our calendar of ongoing dialogue and discussion to bring the high ideals of our spiritual ancestry into fruition.

May God bless this effort and all efforts of peace and harmony throughotu the world.

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