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Suleman Nagdi MBE DL

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PR Officer

Federation of Muslim Organisations

United Kingdom

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4th January 2011
We would like to congratulate His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan on his very commendable and praiseworthy initiative that met with the approval of the U.N. General Assembly and led to the declaration of the first week of February the World Interfaith Harmony Week.
The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO), (www.fmo.org.uk) are pleased to endorse the work of World Interfaith Harmony Week. The FMO believes that as Islam and Christianity are the largest faiths in the world, we have a duty to lead the world towards peace and co-operation. Not only through dialogue but action such as sports, charity events like Mitzvah Day and exchange visits can help break down barriers and help us build peace.
As Chair of the Muslim Burial Council of Leicestershire (MBCOL) www.mbcol.org.uk we have set high standards in the provision of out of hour’s death and bereavement services by sharing our good practice with other faith communities especially our Jewish cousins. We are due to complete a holistic book covering the eight major faiths.
Peace and blessings to you all.
Suleman Nagdi MBE
Deputy Lieutenant / Justice of the Peace
Email:- [email protected]
Phone +44 7759 446555

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